Marketing Monthly: January 2018

The ‘January Blues’ are over, I’ve been surrounded by people on health kicks (my own motivation is only kicking in now) and making New Years Resolutions. Only a short post for January’s Marketing Monthly as it’s been a very busy month for me, but here are my three top picks:

Diet Coke – New Colour Range

Diet Coke have released new flavours in the form of Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange and Feisty Cherry in an apparent bid to target the millennial crowdAlong with it are of course four new promo shorts, which in all honesty, feels quite awkward but at the same time still had me watching until the end? My favourite was the Twisted Mango purely for the bad joke.

Aldi – January

Being featured two months in a row on Marketing Monthly! Aldi are capitalising on the ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions people make every year with the most common one to get in shape. I’m sure many people can relate to this (even if it’s not me!) and if you’re like the people in this advert, good luck with your resolutions!

Skittles – Superblow Ad x Marcos Menendez

This is more of an advert for an advert. To create exclusivity and mystery around what the final ad will be, Skittles are showing it to one fan only. Yep, instead of everyone watching the Skittles ad, it’ll be watching someone watching the Skittles ad. A very bizarre approach, but I’m sure it’ll get people talking and tuning into the Facebook Live stream – it’ll be interesting to see if people would be more engaged with that than watching it for themselves. You can learn more about the campaign here.

Parting thoughts: What were your favourite campaigns for January? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @musingsandmktg! Catch up with the rest of the Marketing Monthly blog series here

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