Marketing Monthly: November 2017

November is a very noisy time in the world of marketing/advertising, we’re bombarded by not only Christmas campaigns but also all the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals which plague our inboxes. I’ve deliberately not included any Christmas campaigns in November’s Marketing Monthly (despite the fact it’s nearly all I’ve seen advertising wise) as I’m saving my favourite Christmas campaigns for December’s MM. Here’s some non-Christmas campaigns if you feel like you need a break from all the joy/cheer/songs/deals:

Samsung – Galaxy : Growing Up

Throwing shade at its main competitor, Samsung brought out this advert in the earlier part of the month for their Galaxy phone highlighting all the reasons why their product is superior to Apple. What I find most interesting about this campaign is its social commentary on the culture surrounding Apple: people do stand for hours in line when a new product launches, put their phones in bowls of rice and constantly get that annoying pop-up saying that there’s not enough storage to take photos (even AFTER you’ve deleted all your takeaway apps for more space in my personal experience). It’s this very real and humorous approach that makes being an iPhone user all the more relatable, and despite having some issues (no product is perfect) I’m still going to be a loyal iPhone user for the foreseeable future.

Volkswagen – Born Confident

Normally I’m not a fan of goats due to a traumatic childhood experience or anything that reminds me of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, but I’ve ended up quite fond of this little goat from Volkswagen’s new car commercial. This story of a strong and independent little goat who doesn’t pay attention to the rules and does it’s own thing until it meets its match with the new T-Roc model and steps out of the way. My key takeaway from this advert was this: be a goat, don’t be a sheep.

FUJIFILM Instax – Fill the World With One-Offs

The cute pastel-coloured Polaroid cameras from Fujifilm focuses on three themes for their ‘Fill the World with One-Offs’ campaign: Love, Laughs and Dance. Despite the scenarios being obviously staged and not feeling very natural, it gives consumers ideas of the type of pictures they can take with their friends with emphasis on appealing to the Millennial and Gen Z target market by making classic and retro products such as the Polaroid more relevant and cool again.

UN Women – #DrawALine

An incredibly impactful and moving campaign to raise awareness of violence against women and girls by UN Women UK. With 1 in 4 women in the UK affected by violence, the campaign uses various celebrities to spread the message and encourage people to get involved in their core message of eliminating violence. Social media plays a strong role in supporting this campaign, with prepared tweets, twibbons, facebook posts and cover images for people to share on their own accounts, products including a Karen Millen dress and highlighters, and resources of where people can go for help. If you want to find out more about the campaign and/or donate you can do so here: #drawaline

Parting thoughts: Did you manage to see any non-Christmas adverts this month? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @musingsandmktg!

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