Marketing Monthly: September 2017

It’s that time of the month! Marketing Monthly is back with my September campaign highlights. I’ve only got three campaign highlights this month as I’ve had an unusually busy personal life as well as starting and adjusting to a new job and so here are three that caught my eye on social media…

IT Movie

Stephen King’s IT got the remake it needed and a creative marketing campaign to match! The marketing for IT started well before its release and as such managed to make a big impression in the movie world. The IT movie had its more traditional trailers and cast interviews but it also had a pop-up replica horror house (which was based in Hollywood and I’m sad I couldn’t go), a creepy snapchat filter and a guerilla marketing tactic of tying the famous red balloon to drain pipes! As a big fan of horror movies and after seeing the movie in the cinema (a rare occurrence for me since I’ve started using Netflix) I think it was definitely worth the hype.

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(right source)


Audi – Clowns

Following on from the clown theme, but in a significantly less scary way, popular car brand Audi decided to show how “clown proof” their Audi technology was against other drivers on the road. I think the ad is quite fun for the Audi brand and the imagery used (as well as the song) is quite powerful with the childlike element, colours and costumes. Hopefully (apart from Audi wanting to sell more cars obviously) this will make more people aware of driving safely and not like a “clown” on the roads. I do hope this, along with IT, doesn’t inspire people to bring back the clown epidemic of last year.

 Ford – #SaudiWomenCanDrive

Following on from the car theme and thankfully no clowns this time, in an amazing step for equality where the King of Saudi Arabia issued a degree which allows Saudi Arabian women to be allowed to drive, many car companies such as Ford celebrated this news. With a simple and dramatic ad allowing women to picture themselves in the drivers shoes with a simple black blackground made this advert all the more effective. It’ll be interesting to see how car companies including Ford will market and target their adverts towards women in the coming months.


Parting thoughts: What were your campaign highlights for September? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @musingsandmktg!

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