Review: The Kim Kardashian Principle

I stumbled across this book a while ago and naturally was taken in by the title of it, as are most of the world by the Kardashian (and Jenner) clan. The Kim Kardashian Principle by Jeetendr Sehdev is an insightful analysis of both celebrities and brands in an era where authenticity and transparency are key. What three takeaways can we take from celebrity branding in marketing?

The SELFIE Principle

The SELFIE Principle offers so much more than how to take a well-filtered picture. SELFIE stands for: Surprise, Expose, Lead, Flaws, Intimate and Execute and is a framework both fitting for personal branding as well as company branding. Breaking down the SELFIE principle and applying it to marketing ensures that people and brands take ahold of their own reputation, products and ideas and being proud of them (and any flaws) guarantees success.

Flaws Do Not Equal Failure

Perfection doesn’t exist and is no longer something that people believe in whether it’s celebrities or brands. Accepting your flaws and contradictions means that you accept yourself and once you’ve done that no one can use them against you. Jeetendr points out many examples (a lot I didn’t know about and which only made this a more enjoyable and informative read) where brands, just like people, have flaws, contradictions and morals that not everyone agrees with and depending how you communicate this depends on whether you will prosper or not.

Uniqueness is Key

We’ve heard time and time again the phrase “What’s your USP? What makes you different to everyone else?” It is the bold among us (and brands) which capture our attention and leave us waiting to see what they will do next. The innovators and the shameless people/brands of this world are the key to being successful and long-lasting by helping us to connect with their ideas and values which in turn earns them our loyalty.

Whether you’re a fan of Kim Kardashian or not, this book offers so much more into the world of influencers and how to appeal to the millennial generation than any other marketing book I’ve read in a while and with a varied range of examples and a wider social commentary this book is definitely one for your bookshelf!

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