What Dating Taught Me About Marketing

I saw this interesting quote on Pinterest a while back – “Marketing is really just flirting” which got me into thinking about how a brand’s relationship with a consumer is just like real-life dating. After having a conversation with a friend about the trials and tribulations about dating in an age where tinder and DMs are the norm here are five ways marketing and dating are similar:


Consciously and subconsciously we all make judgements about people. We perceive an image and expectation of a person or brand before we’ve even interacted personally with them. It’s disappointing finding out that someone isn’t who you thought they’d be, just like when you order a product online for it to arrive and the quality isn’t what was expected.


Brand loyalty is something all businesses want from their customer, just like how people in relationships want loyalty from their partner. Building a relationship with a solid foundation requires trust and communication, two key factors in building loyalty. If a person (or business) lets you down, it damages your faith in them and may have you looking elsewhere for what you want.


In business you’re always going to have competition, there will always be other companies selling the same type of product or service as you and the way to break through this is by having a USP. Using online dating websites and apps like Tinder it can feel almost competitive to just swipe through based on first impressions of bios and pictures and with almost 25 million users since its launch in 2011 that’s a lot of people to swipe and choose from.


Customers perception of a brand form instantaneously from what a brand says and what they show through copy and visual content. Different types of content attract different types of people and the same goes in the dating game: everyone has different preferences in who they date and what type of personality traits or physical traits appeals to them. Finding the right type of content strategy for your business may be tricky at first but you won’t know until you put yourself out there what type of reaction you will have.

Don’t Be Something You’re Not

I’ve been watching a lot of episodes of Catfish recently. We live in an age where there’s a greater need for transparency due to how easy it is to manipulate an online (and in some cases offline) persona. Don’t be that person to ‘stunt for the gram’ because you’re most likely going to be found out – just like this youtuber who posted a picture saying she was going to donate her hair when really it’s just extensions. Just like with brands, not everyone is going to like you or understand what you’re about and that’s fine because you’ll find someone who will like you for exactly who you are.

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