5 Things I Learnt at University

As you may have seen from my previous post my time at university has come to an end and on Thursday I found out that I’ll be graduating with first class honours which I’m over the moon about! Having now finished, I thought I would reflect on the top 5 things I learnt at university since it’s been a big part of my life for the past four years.

Finding my Passion

Before going to university I thought I wanted to be a fashion buyer and it wasn’t until I did a buying and merchandising module that I realised it really wasn’t for me and I was far more interested in the marketing modules. University is a great place to find what you’re passionate about and dabble in different areas to find out what the right path is for you and hopefully figure out what career you want to go into.

How to ‘Adult’

There’s more to university than just education. I really found my independence by moving away from home at 18 to a completely new place, learning how to manage my finances and more importantly, my time. Whilst I still don’t feel like a proper adult maybe when I start working full-time I will? learning things like how to cook, how to register for the doctors (and actually make appointments when needed) and just the basics of how to look after yourself in general all came from going to university.

Work Experience was the Best Thing I Could Do for Myself

Learning about theories and case studies is all well and good, but the majority of things I actually learnt came from doing work experience and working on live projects as part of my course. Although I struggled at first with my placement year it ended up being one of my favourite memories during uni and helped me learn so many skills and insight into the marketing world as well as gain confidence.

Pushing the Boundaries

University impacts you financially, emotionally, socially, physically, mentally – basically any type of word with -ally added on the end of it. Facing different challenges along the way really allowed me to push myself and in turn, find out more of who I am both personally and creatively.

Best Four Years of My Life

Very cliché but entirely apt. I’ve made some great friends from university, had opportunities to work on live projects and learnt more about myself which I wouldn’t have if I didn’t end up going to university. Like most things in life, university has not been a plain sailing journey and there have been times where I’ve wondered if being at uni was the right thing for me, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t change the last four years for the world!

Parting thoughts: What were the top things that you learnt from your university experience? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @musingsandmktg!

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