Review: Purple Cow


Extraordinary, Remarkable, Exceptional – everything this small book encourages you to be. By changing the way we approach marketing in a more creative, innovative and direct form we can expect much greater results. Seth Godin is a lot of things – he’s a marketer, a public speaker, an entrepreneur and he’s someone worth listening to.

What does it mean to be a purple cow? As brilliantly put by Seth in the opening pages,

“Cows, after you’ve seen them for a while, are boring. They may be perfect cows, attractive cows, cows with great personalities, cows lit by beautiful light, but they’re still boring. A Purple Cow, though. Now that would be interesting. (For a while.)”

As consumers we are constantly bombarded by information and as marketers it’s our task to try and cut through all the noise and successfully communicate our product/service. By providing something of value and conveying it in the right way to the right audience and hopefully make it exciting the desired result will follow.

It was nice to see some of the marketing theories that I’ve learnt on my course pop up too such as the diffusion of innovation chart and the various P’s of marketing. What was also helpful was the numerous case studies provided throughout the book to show how brands have adopted innovative techniques and how it played out for them – it’s all good saying something but it’s another thing entirely to show something.

As someone starting out in the marketing world and about to start my final year at university, I thought this book was great at covering the marketing basics. This book highlights all the important functions of successful marketing; branding, advertising, word-of-mouth, old marketing ways, new marketing ways and most importantly keeping an open mind to allow it to be filled with insight.

“You must be remarkable – you must be a Purple Cow”

Parting thoughts: check out Seth’s 99u talk on quieting the lizard brain

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