Thoughts About Going Back to Uni After A Placement Year

Thoughts about going back to uni after a placement year

In less than two weeks I’ll be back in Southampton and settling in before I begin my final year at university! I’ve been asked a lot recently how I’m feeling about going back to university after having a year out (hence the inspiration for this blog post) and I’ve got some mixed feelings about it.

As I’ve most likely mentioned in most of the placement year posts that I’ve already done, the past year has gone by so quickly that I can’t believe that in just a couple more months I’ll be a graduate. Even though this past year (14/15 months to be more exactish) has gone quickly, its still been long enough to not feel as settled as I was before I left – I think it goes without saying that living a student lifestyle is quite¬†different from living an ‘adult’ lifestyle.

Moving back for third year feels similar to when I moved for first year in the sense that I won’t really know many people (only about 5 people from my course ended up doing a placement year and my friends from other courses have now graduated)¬†and moving back to Southampton feels a bit weird after it taking so long for me to feel settled again in my hometown.

Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing what new challenges third year will bring, just as my placement year provided, and I’ve already been brainstorming some ideas for my FMP which will hopefully be an exciting project to work on when the time comes!

Parting thoughts: Just a short post from me today as I’m currently in the process of packing for university and potentially sorting out a new internship opportunity!

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