Creative Morning with Krista Tippett

Creative Morning with Krista Tippett

I had a very early start to Friday morning where I attended my first Creative Mornings at the incredible venue Second Home in Brick Lane, London. Being the first time I had attended an event like this, I wasn’t sure what to expect but after scribbling on my name tag what I thought Love was and a bit of light networking (if you know me in real life, you’ll know I sometimes find it hard talking to people I don’t know) I settled into absorbing the event.

Krista Tippett is a podcaster, author of ‘Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living’ and an all-round inspiring human being. Krista was interviewed by the lovely Victoria Stoyanova who asked interesting and thought-provoking questions, covering a range of life insights and motivating everyone to create their lives how they want to and carry on inventing their identities.

I would go more into what was said at the event but there is no way I would be able to coherently articulate it; it was the sort of thing where you just had to be there to fully grasp it and think some of it may have gone a bit over my head seeing as it was early morning and I’m rarely a morning person.

The theme for Creative Mornings this month was Love, something very relevant and well-needed in light of recent events which are happening around the world everyday. Krista spoke about how we need to publicise Love a little bit more and recognise our delights in life as a virtue – drawing influence from our lives and take influence from all around us to create the type of life that we want to lead; I thought this was particularly helpful advice for me in preparation for going back to university soon.

The last few minutes of the event are dedicated to having an open space so that people can talk about what projects they are working on, if they need any help or just anything they want to announce to the group. What struck me the most was that this wasn’t just an event but this was a community coming together, everyone is able to speak without judgement and there was a general support vibe from everyone which was really nice to experience – it reminded me somewhat of a nice hippie commune.

Overall it was a great and inspiring start to the morning, I especially loved Krista’s opening of “You are all so beautiful for being here” and feeling encouraged to live a more beautiful and wise life!

Parting thoughts: check out some of the event photos on the Creative Mornings Facebook page

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