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exploring remarketing

So its been a while since I gave my Exploring: Marketing blog series some attention but welcome to part 4 of my exploring marketing series with this post focusing on remarketing. The more I brainstorm topics for my blog series, the more I realise just how many different types of marketing there are!

Remarketing is something I’ve been aware of for a while (every time I go for an innocent browse on ASOS I always end up being followed around on other websites by sparkly shoe promotions) but the marketing team I work in recently had a meeting with a remarketing agency which provided some inspiration for this blog post!

So I’m still not completely sure about the exact ins and outs of remarketing but as I disclaimed here this blog is about me learning about marketing as I go along, plus there’s literally tons of websites about setting up remarketing campaigns with Google Adwords which are far more capable at explaining it than I am.

Remarketing is typically used to recapture customer’s attentions and make them focus on their brand once again in the hope of shuffling them through the funnel and turning them from prospects into customers. It can be used to promote special offers, go to a specific landing page/blog or inform people of upcoming events to name a few reasons.

Remarketing is great for targeting specific groups of people – for instance when I don’t follow through and actually buy those sparkly shoes from ASOS, I can guarantee that my remarketing ads will be of a special promotion on them or a sale to get me to actually buy them. Marketing is becoming increasingly more personalised in its approach to engaging customers, it helps individuals feel valued and in turn make them more likely to be loyal to the brand.

Customers are increasingly and constantly being bombarded by information and the truth is people don’t trust marketers anymore (if they ever did in the first place?) We download adblock, we wait those 5 seconds to skip the YouTube ads and we now have remotes to fast forward through tv adverts so we can get back to Hollyoaks or whatever floats your boat. Remarketing helps to break through this noise a little bit and act as a reminder for that ‘oh yeah, I forgot that company does…’ or ‘that offer sounds too good to resist’ moment.

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