Dealing with Perfectionism

Dealing with Perfectionism

I think it might finally be time to admit to myself that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. It’s something that I’ve begun to realise more of throughout my internship and my working style, but I guess I’ve always been somewhat of a perfectionist even from when I was at school and the teacher would inform my mum at parent’s evening that I insisted on having a whole brand new notebook if I had made a mistake in it (LOL at my younger self)

Being a perfectionist is two things to me:

  1. It’s frustrating
  2. It’s exhausting

And what makes being a perfectionist even more frustrating and exhausting is that perfection doesn’t actually exist, so why do I still strive to achieve an impossible standard? The only person who puts a ridiculous amount of unnecessary pressure on myself is me and it’s time to stop.

As with everything, there is good with the bad and there are some perks to being a perfectionist such as being extremely detail-orientated and trying to produce the highest standards of work as possible. On the flipside, having such high standards of work can lead to disappointment when things don’t turn out the way you want them to and is often time-consuming.

One thing I’m guilty of (especially throughout my second year at uni) is overthinking things so much that I actually end up procrastinating because I’m waiting for that right moment to do it. “I can’t do this until I have… I can’t start this just yet because…” I just end up making excuses and cutting it fine to deadlines and becoming more stressed when really I would have felt a million times better if I just got it done, edited it and left it alone.

It’s like with this blog, it took me such a long period of time to actually go through with it because I was waiting for the layout to look perfect or I wanted to have blog drafts before I started or a content plan to go with it when really I should have just rolled it out in its first version and watched how it developed.

Everything in life is growth and change and development; it’s time to focus more on these aspects which hold infinite value than to be overwhelmed with perfectionism. This is something I’m definitely going to work on over the summer since I’ve found that the more you let expectations go, the more free you are to focus on the good stuff – including being more creative and happy!

Parting thoughts: “Strive for progress, not perfection” – unknown


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