Marketing Week Live: Day Two

mwl day two

Today was the second and final day of the Marketing Week Live and I managed to get just as much out of it as I did yesterday! After getting my bearings from yesterday with the travelling situation and having walked around the event a few times, I definitely felt more comfortable approaching stands and engaging in conversations with marketing professionals.

My favourite talk of the day was from Amy Nicholson of Sticky Content with her talk focusing on ‘content marketing – 7 steps to heaven’. Content marketing is an area of marketing I want to explore more of which I briefly spoke about it in my blog post here and Amy’s simple tips to how to make content marketing work for a brand were really easy to understand and effective. It was interesting to learn that only 90% of brands use a content marketing strategy with a third of those having an actual strategy in place and then a further third saying that their strategy was effective! If you want to see the content marketing presentation yourself which I highly recommend you can do so here.

It was noticeably more busy today at the event, every single talk I attended was crammed with people but I think this added more to the atmosphere and must have been nice for the speaker to have so many people interested in listening to what they have to say!

I had a really great conversation with some of the lovely team at The Mix and probably learnt as much from talking to them as I did having attended one of the talks. I think what I liked most was that they were genuinely interested in having a conversation (no offence to any of the other stands of course! some were just more interested in if I had any buying influence which as a marketing intern I obviously don’t), answering questions I had about what they did, being patient as I tried to quickly think of something to write about the generation I belonged to/going against the stereotype.



Well done to the team at marketing week live for pulling off an excellent event, I hope to attend next year as well!

Parting thoughts: Overall I really enjoyed my time at Marketing Week Live, I managed to learn a lot from it and if I ever hold a stand at an event myself I know that the trick to grabbing people’s attention is free treats!

Marketing Week Live Day One

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