Marketing Week Live: Day One

mwl day one

So today was day one of Marketing Week Live which is an event for marketers filled with interesting talks from industry leaders as well as different exhibition stands offering types of marketing services and products. This is the second marketing event I’ve been lucky enough to attend on my internship and it really didn’t disappoint!

I started off my day getting a little bit lost and muddled until a nice group of junior doctor protestors helped to set me back on track and I eventually ended up at London Olympia only two hours later than I had planned. I got to see a lot of London though so that was nice I guess.

I attended four talks, each one equally diverse but still reverting back to the growing theme of the importance of customer service that I’ve seen more widely discussed from blogs and webinars in recent weeks. In between that I was wandering around a few times with my mentor looking at all the different stands and the interesting new products, tech and services available for marketing as well as having a cool picture/gif (I don’t really know what to describe it as) taken at one of the stands! (albeit I did have to be encouraged a lot by my mentor to actually do it).

I was going to talk about my take-aways from all four talks but it has been a long day and getting lost/being inspired really takes it out of you so I’ll just focus on my favourite talk of the day which was ‘Social Media Commandments (Base Principles of Millennial Marketing for Marketers)’ by Steve Bartlett, the CEO of Social Chain, in the Brand Engagement & Innovation theatre.

The way that Steve spoke about social media and millennials in general really resonated with me; being a ‘millennial’ myself, I see the term tossed around an awful lot particularly in articles blaming my generation for whatever reason with the main theme in these types of articles circling around narcissism and being entitled (that’s neither here nor there but could be a whole blog post on its own) whether you’re a millennial hater or not you can’t not take into account my generation – especially from a marketing perspective.

Like all different groups of society, we speak in a different kind of language to generations before us. We like using Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter, all platforms which brands are now picking up on and starting to impart their presence on in an effort to connect and communicate with Millennials. Steve’s point about how Millennials are heavily influenced by their peers was spot on: whilst many strive for individualism, almost always conformity will win out.

The second point from the talk which I felt was really important was about how its not enough to just put content out, putting content out can be done easily but getting a reaction is very different – as Steve put it “The worst thing you can do as a marketer is to create the feeling of indifference” You want people to feel something and react whether its positive or negative hopefully positive!

Parting thoughts: I literally had such a good day at this event, I came out of it feeling really happy and inspired – it’s made me want to continue to work hard to eventually become the marketer I want to be and I’m really looking forward to attending day two!

Marketing Week Live Day Two

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