REVIEW: The Art of Creative Thinking

art of creative thinking review

It’s important to stay inspired in whatever you do whether that’s interning, working, studying or just life in general. If I didn’t stay inspired, I wouldn’t get excited about things or feel motivated in myself to continue to work harder or to better myself. Inspiration can be drawn from lots of different sources whether that’s scrolling through pinterest, watching ted talks or just walking down the street, it can be whatever you want it to be because being inspired is personal to everyone.

I recently came across ‘The Art of Creative Thinking’ by Rod Judkins whilst I was actually trawling through Waterstones looking for The Purple Cow and couldn’t resist scooping it up. I read a couple of chapters every few days as despite each chapter only being a couple of pages you get a lot out of it – like an insane amount – where afterwards I just have to sit for a little while and absorb it.

There was two things that I really liked about this book with the first being that it’s interactive and you don’t have to read it in order, so if you agree/disagree/want to find out more about the chapter it directs you to a specific section of the book. The second being the level and scope of creative examples that Rod gives from his personal experiences to art, music, science, writers, businesses and innovators – there’s something that everyone can take away with them.

‘The Art of Creative Thinking’ encourages you to think outside the box and solve problems creatively and from a new perspective – an aspect I’ve definitely started to carry over both in my internship as well as my personal life. Rod Judkins encourages you to let go of perfectionism and to stop being scared to put yourself out there for fear that others will think you’re x,y,z as he points out throughout his book – great things can happen when you decide to be brave.

Parting thoughts: This post was a bit of a short one as I’m currently trying to focus on completing an assignment about my placement year for my course and it’s really hard to describe why this book is great but if you’re looking to be inspired, you need this book in your life.

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