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Welcome to part 1 of my first blog series! I’m starting a mini blog series exploring the different types and areas of marketing and thought I’d start off with exploring content marketing since it’s something I’ve been working on a little bit in my internship.

So, content marketing – what’s it all about? For some reason, I was quite confused about what exactly content marketing was for a long time and it was only recently that I understood it a bit more and realised content marketing essentially does what it says on the tin. Content marketing is the creation of content by brands to attract potential customers and delight current customers by giving them valuable information.

Content marketing comes in many forms – a blog post, a video, a case study, a webinar – to name but a few, which can be easily promoted on social media platforms to engage your audience about what you have to say. To be able to create the right content for your audience, you have to know your audience and the more you create content and see how positively or negatively the reaction is, the more you can tailor your content to have the maximum impact that you desire.

One of the best examples I’ve experienced of content marketing recently has been Topshop’s Style Quiz. Why was it effective for me? Because it was short, fun quiz and like any other 20-year-old girl I’m into fashion and still in the stage of my life figuring how what I like and what I don’t and so a quiz determining my ‘style’ was most appealing. It also saved my style type and now every time I login to my Topshop account I can refer back to it and see what the newest items in that range are – easy shopping! Why is it effective for Topshop? Now they know more information about my style and my likes/dislikes based on how I answered in the quiz and can therefore target items which I’m more likely to buy and therefore give them my business as well as having gathered information about their consumers that can be used effectively in future campaigns.

Why is content marketing necessary? Selling a product or service is all well and good, but chances are you have at least five other competitors selling or doing the exact same thing as you are. Content marketing helps your brand stand out and gives your brand it’s tone of voice – people do not just buy into your product, they buy into your brand. Content marketing is effective because it shows people that you’re not just trying to force them to buy something, well you still want them to buy something, you’re just being a bit more subliminal about it, but you’re trying to build a relationship with them and build a reputation for yourself.

A cool thing about content marketing is how creative you can be with it! Since there are so many different forms and ways to promote your content, you can be as innovative and experimental as you like! (providing the content is both relatable and valuable to your brand, of course).

And there you have it, a very brief rambling overview of content marketing!

Parting thoughts: all hail Susan, the content marketing ideas queen.

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