Realising the Importance of Design


The more I learn and experience through my internship, the more I discover just how vast the world of marketing can be. There are so many different elements and implementation that design takes in marketing whether its digital or non-digital that I didn’t fully realise until last week despite sitting next to two people who are passionate about design.

Last week, I got the chance to visit Hartgraph which is a super cool printing services company based in Amersham for an inspiration meeting and to talk about some of the up-coming projects and ideas that the marketing department wanted to explore.

It was a really nice way to spend a few hours to learn about and see the different types of printing processes and some of the projects that the guys at Hartgraph have previously worked on and see how creative printing designs can be first-hand. What I enjoyed most about this inspiration meeting was having the chance to explore the area of design and learn some completely new perspectives and attitudes in the approach of design.

Design is something that impacts on everyone, everyday and I think it’s something that often gets overlooked unless it’s a topic that you are passionate about. In terms of marketing, design is something that affects all four stages of the inbound methodology: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. Throughout these four stages there are a number of tools used in order to help turn strangers into visitors into leads into customers; with a few examples being the overall look and feel of the website, a blog, any forms/landing pages/thank you pages, emails sent out to customers, social media etc.

I think design is definitely something that I will be bearing in mind now – I think it’s just one of those annoying things that now I’ve been made more aware of it I’m beginning to notice it more/analyse it more. Design has the ability to make or break your brand and form your customer’s attitudes towards it – having a grand idea/product/service is great but if it isn’t presented well then people aren’t going to feel attracted towards it, and I guess it’s just part of human nature to be drawn to things we find aesthetically pleasing.

Ending Note: Can we all also appreciate how amazing these Pantone-inspired stairs are in Hartgraph’s HQ? I literally couldn’t get over them and probably went on about them more than I needed to, is it weird that I told the director of the company that I LOVED his stairs? but I definitely need some Pantone stairs in my future house!



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