Review: Leave Your Mark



As part of my long list of resolutions for this year, that I am definitely not keeping up with, I wanted to get back into reading since it’s one of the things I enjoy the most and have been quite slack about since starting university. I’m hoping to read one inspirational book a month and thought where better to start than with ‘Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media.’ by Aliza Licht.

Leave Your Mark is a mentorship in a book, if you will, written by Aliza Licht who was the SVP of Global Communications for DKNY and was the voice behind the DKNY PR Girl Twitter account (a trend which can now been seen by Oscar de la Renta with their @OscarPRGirl). Aliza is a pretty inspiring woman who has shown that if you really want something then you should go out there and work your butt off to get it. She has also launched her own newsletter recently so it’ll be interesting to see what adventures and wisdom she will talk about having now left DKNY.

The book takes you through Aliza’s journey from her starting out training to be a plastic surgeon before realising she wanted to work in fashion to her internships at top magazines before eventually landing in social media at DKNY. Throughout the book there are lots of little bitesize ‘INSIDER TIPS’ to summarise her experiences and hopefully help you remember her advice.

I really liked this book for a lot of reasons with the main one being that I found it so relatable to my current situation. Before I decided to do a degree in fashion, I was dead set on becoming a historian (an ancient historian at that) but during my A-Levels I realised I wasn’t actually that passionate about it and what is the point in pursuing a career for the next 50 or so years if you’re not passionate or happy about what you do?

Another thing I loved was the ‘Take a Selfie’ aspect throughout the various chapters of the book which is where you absorb what you’ve just read and apply it to yourself. I thought this was a nice touch as it’s not just talking at you and drilling you with advice but getting you to take a moment and reflect on yourself, your skills and goals.

One of the main themes running throughout the book is the importance of working hard and staying on top of your game whether you’re just starting out as an intern or you’ve made it to your dream position or as one of the chapter’s state: When You Get to the Top, Don’t be an Asshole. As a little intern beginning to try and create a career in marketing, this book was both insightful and inspiring and had a lot of transferable points whether you work in marketing/PR or a completely different industry from fashion.

My favourite part of the book was the Rocking Social Media chapter since social media marketing is a large part of my role in my current internship and let’s be honest who wouldn’t love to be paid to tweet for a living? (There are obviously more aspects to social media marketing than that)  Aliza’s ‘Must Do: Be Socially Savvy’ checklist of 20 key points are a good reminder of the basic functions of being effective on social media such as the importance of content marketing and finding the right platform for your brand, with a lot of the points not only being applicable to your company but also to your own personal social media.

I think this book really appeals to a wide range of people; whether you’re a student or an intern, whether you’re interested in fashion or not, whether you’re interested in marketing and PR or not. So if you are in need of inspiration or a form of mentorship I highly recommend this book!

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