Getting Inbound Certified with HubSpot


On Thursday I gained a certification in Inbound Marketing from HubSpot and thought I would share my experience in case there were any students or people interested in marketing who want to do it too!

So I first became aware of HubSpot when I first started at my current internship and is a tool that I use every day in my role to schedule posts for the social media platforms as well as blog posts for the main website (there are other aspects to HubSpot but this is just what I use it for). For those of you who don’t know, HubSpot is “an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers” and they also have a well-maintained blog which is literally ‘marketing blog goals’.

The Inbound Marketing certification is free and open to anyone (especially handy for students and interns) with the course focusing on delivering content through video’s, ranging from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, so you could do the course bit by bit like I did without being too overloaded with information. The course focuses on the four stages of Inbound Methodology: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight and there are opportunities at the end of each section to quiz yourself on the topic as well as study guides and forums to allow you to really get to know the content.

The best thing about this certification is that the videos themselves are so easy to understand, everything is clearly explained and defined along with helpful graphics and actual examples of companies who have put this inbound methodology into practice so you ‘get it’ a bit more. The test itself is multiple choice and you get 75 minutes (I think, it’s a bit longer than an hour anyway) and you know straight away afterwards if you have passed or failed. And don’t worry if you fail on the first go! You get three chances to take the test with a 48-hour gap between it giving you time to go over the material again.

Afterwards you can print out a certificate totally did not print out mine straight away and stick it on my desk as well as add the certification badge onto your LinkedIn profile – great for students looking to give their CV a bit of an edge!

If you want to check it out yourself or want to gain the Inbound Marketing Certification you can do so here


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