Realistically this post should be titled ‘Why Does It Take Me So Long Getting Around To Actually Doing Stuff?’ but I thought ‘Beginnings’ had a nicer ring to it. So this is the first post of my brand new blog and I thought I would kick it off with a brief introduction about myself and the direction that I’m hoping this blog of ramblings will take.

This blog has been an idea I’ve had since I first started my internship which was ooo about 3/4 months ago now no time like the present aye? and finally feel like now is the right time to kick my venture into blogging off with the main reason being that its January which is a time for new beginnings (and being swarmed with #NewYearNewMe posts over Twitter and Facebook) as well as support and encouragement from my mentor, family and friends to be brave. I don’t know why starting a blog seemed scary to me, I think a lot of it came from worrying about what people might think or if they thought that what I had written was rubbish but one resolution I had for 2016 was to care less about what people think and if blogging makes me happy then all the more reason to start, right?

So who am I? My name is Rosie and I study Fashion Management with Marketing at Southampton Solent University and I am on the placement year of my degree gaining experience in industry – currently being a Marketing Intern at a B2B telecoms company. Although telecoms and fashion are not directly related (um, come to think of it I don’t really know how to relate them at all) my main focus is on how much training and knowledge in the various aspects of marketing I’m learning which can be applied to a marketing department in any industry and I really love my role and my team.

Why ‘musings and marketing’? Well I knew what I wanted to write about when I first came up with the idea of starting a blog and that was marketing. Marketing is what I’m passionate about and is a career path I hope to pursue after I graduate and I wanted a space to discuss marketing from my view point (disclaimer: I am not a marketing ‘professional’ yet and I am still learning about marketing so there may be times where I get things wrong). As interested as I am in marketing, it’s not the only thing I am interested in and I didn’t want to just limit myself to this subject – I want to be able to write about my experiences of being an intern/being on a placement year as well as other areas I’m interested in hence where the musings aspect comes in.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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